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9 февр. 2012 г.

Life in a pig house and residence registration on the seesaw

   Seven years ago a family hostel located at 2, Turkmеnbashi street and previously owned by PMK-17 (mobile mechanical division) was knocked down in Rukhabat (Ashgabat suburb, formerly, the village named after Ovezberdy Kuliev). The hostel was replaced by a seesaw.
   The inhabitants were moved to the premises of the former pig house. At the same time, the evicted residents retained their old residence registration at the old address.  Some of them refused to move to the building which does not meet basic sanitary conditions, designated to accommodate cattle, and are staying with their relatives. Yet, the majority had no other choice and was urged to settle in the pig house and still live there.
   Their children grew over this time. While obtaining passports their residence registration is stamped at the old address: “the village of Rukhabat, Turkmenbashi street, 2”, though they currently live in the former pig house on Zelili street.  Showing the non-existing address in their residence registration young people joke: “We have the residence registration on the seesaw”.
   In the meantime, the President of Turkmenistan signed a decree on the construction of a new city Abadan on the territory of the Rukhabat etrap.
   Will the authorities recall those, who reside in pig houses in this etrap or other premises which can hardly be treated as decent accommodation?

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