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4 февр. 2012 г.

Black mark. Burning news

 In the evening of 31 January, a renowned human rights defender Natalia Shabunts found a cross made of white powder on the rug in front of the door of her apartment. 
Yesterday N. Shabunts gave an interview to Radio “Azatlyk” (Turkmen Service of Radio Liberty). Earlier today a bloodstained sheep’s head was put by her door.
Natalia Shabunts resides in Ashgabat. She has repeatedly criticized the Turkmen authorities and reported about gross violations of fundamental human rights in the country.
No doubt that prior to the Presidential election scheduled to be held in Turkmenistan on 12 February, the special services seek to silence the person who “spoils” the embellished picture of the Turkmen reality.
“Some of them have sacrificed their head for this”, - the editorial board of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” bitterly jokes.

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  1. А где остальная часть туши? Неужто и вправду в туркмении голод и оседи Наташи постарались.